Beets and Raisins Juice Recipe: Healthy Liver Cleanse Juice

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Beets and Raisins Juice Recipe: Healthy Liver Cleanse Juice

Our liver performs several extremely important functions for the body and its functioning is greatly influenced by what we eat in our daily lives.

In addition, we can further improve our diet by including some foods that have natural medicinal properties such as beets and raisins


That's why in this article, we want to share the recipe for a drink with these ingredients, besides helping to cleanse the liver, it also detoxifies and purifies the body.


Before I show how beetroots and raisins can make a healthy diet, it is important to know their main benefits.

Health Benefits of Beets

  • The beet with such an intense color has been used since ancient times for its medicinal properties
  • It helps to detoxify and cleanse the liver, eliminating toxins and harmful resin.
  • It is an excellent source of energy contributing to improved performance during physical activity
  • It is also rich in fiber helping to regulate bowel function and preventing constipation.
  • It also helps reduce blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease


Raisins on the other hand also have several natural medicinal properties they are very nutritious and add a delicious flavor to recipes


Health Benefits of Raisins

  • They help promote liver and kidney health
  • They are loaded with fiber and favor digestion preventing constipation and eliminating toxins from the gastrointestinal tract.
  • They help fight anemia because they are rich in iron
  • They are also rich in phytochemicals with antibacterial and antioxidant properties
  • In addition, they are also useful for fighting viral infections and fever. They fight free radicals and help prevent the formation of cancer cells
  • They have a type of antioxidant known as catechins and help reduce acidity in the body because they contain potassium and magnesium
  • Raisins promote eye health and help fight hypertension and maintain normal blood pressure levels
  • They provide energy in the mood because they are rich in natural sugars.


You can include both beets and raisins in this recipe in your everyday diet. 

Beets, for example, can be an excellent addition to salads, either raw or cooked raisins, on the other hand, can be eaten as a healthy snack option along with nuts such as almonds, chestnuts, and walnuts.

Both beets and raisins can be used in smoothie and juice recipes as their rich nutrients have beneficial health properties including the ability to cleanse the liver.

 This is a very practical way to get all your vitamins and minerals which is why we will share a delicious recipe option with these ingredients.

 This is a refreshing and healthy alternative to take advantage of all the benefits of beets and raisins for the health of our liver and the body in general.


This refreshing juice can be consumed at any time of your day and moreover, it is very delicious.

So let's learn how to make this healthy juice to purify our liver


Ingredients for Liver Cleanse Juice

  1.  500 ml of water
  2. 300 grams of beets
  3. One tablespoon of raisins


How To Prepare The Liver Detox Juice

  1. First, put the water to boil in a pot
  2. Cut the beets into cubes and when it comes to boil
  3. Turn off the fire and add the beets and then the raisins
  4. Cover, and let stand for 45 minutes for it to cool.
  5. After this period, put the content in a blender and blend well until the drink has a creamy and homogeneous texture, then serve in a glass

 You will consume this natural remedy every day fasting for a full week. 

With this natural remedy, your liver is as good as new within seven days of usage. 

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